The 24th World Congress of Philosophy : Program of the Congress, Endowed Lectures

Endowed Lectures

Ibn Roshd Lecture
Turkish Philosophical Society
Speaker: Hans Lenk (Germany)
Kierkegaard Lecture
Speaker: Vincent Delecroix (France)

Maimonides Lecture
Speaker: Ernest Sosa (USA)
Dasan Lecture
Korean Philosophical Society
Speaker: Keel Hee-sung (Korea)
Wang Yangming Lecture
Chinese Organizing Committee
Chair: Chen, Lai (China)
Speaker: Tu, Weiming (China)
Simone de Beauvoir Lecture
Fisp Committee on Gender
Speaker: Judith Butler (USA)
Special Public Lecture
Chinese Organizing Committee
Chair: Abdusalam Guseinov (Russia)
Speaker: Jürgen Habermas (Germany)
Bicentenary Marx Lecture
Chair: Zhang, Yibin (China)
Speaker: William L. McBride (USA)